The Real Danger Of Having Mold In Your Home

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Mold is a sneaky organism that most people don’t pay much attention to, but they should. It comes from a single microscopic spore, that can grow very rapidly under the right conditions. All it needs is a dark place, no moving air and a source of moisture, and it can cover a wall, a ceiling, or any large area rather quickly in a matter of days.

The problem with mold is that it is a health hazard as it gives off its spores. It can cause asthma, severe lung and bronchial problems, sinus infections, and other respiratory problems.

One area that is overlooked by many people is their air conditioning and heating systems. Mold can get into the ducts and grow where the homeowner least expects it to be. Many people don’t even have an inkling that it is there, until they turn on their heating or air conditioning systems, and everyone in the family begins coughing and sneezing.

Mold comes in different colors, from green, brown, yellow, bluish, and black. They say that black mold is the most dangerous and the most difficult to get rid of. That is because in addition to the spores that it continually gives off, it also gives off chemicals which are harmful to humans.

If you suspect that your have mold in your home to any great degree, you should not attempt to remove it yourself. You should call a professional mold removal specialist to take samples and detect just how far the mold has gone in its growth.

The sample will be sent to a lab to determine its type in order to treat it properly and eradicate it. They professionals will have the proper equipment to locate it, even behind walls, and treat the area so that it doesn’t return.

When Should I Call In The Professional Carpet Cleaners?

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Is your carpet looking a bit dull? Has your home lost its fresh smell? Over time, carpet can accumulate deep dirt and dust that your vacuum can’t remove. When this occurs, you will need to have your carpet deep cleaned. There are many professionals available to do this job for you. To determine how frequently you’ll need to hire a pro, you’ll need to consider a few things.

Do you have pets in your home? Household pets can be very hard on carpeting. Most pets will shed fur and drag dirt into your home over time. Even though it may not seem that bad at a first glance, having even one small dog or cat can really cause your carpet to have a lot of fur embedded. If you have multiple pets in your home, you may need to have your carpet cleaned every six months to increase the lifespan of your carpet. Carpet Cleaning

Is your house a high traffic house? When there are multiple people coming in and out of your house frequently your carpet can take a beating. From dirt being brought in on shoes to food and drinks being accidentally dropped, there are many things that can cause your carpet to become dull and dirty. If you have a high traffic house, you should try to have your carpets cleaned at least once a year.

Are there young children in your home? Having young children in the home can be fun, exciting, and help to keep you young. With young children, your carpet will probably see more food and drink stains over time. When you’re doing arts and crafts, spills can occur. For these reasons, it’s ideal to have your carpet cleaned once a year. You should also do spot cleaning if spills and stains occur.

Having your carpet professionally cleaned as frequently as you should will help to keep your carpet in great shape over the years. You’ll prevent long term stains, smells, and dull, lifeless carpet. There’s no perfect time to have your carpet cleaned but if you take into consideration your lifestyle, you’ll be able to decide when it’s time.

Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet cleaning is something every home needs to do 6-12 months.  A professional carpet cleaner can handle the job much better than the average joe.  Carpet Cleaning is tough and to do the job right you need exceptional equipment to get the job done right.  Carpet is always attacked by dirt and dander.  To keep your home looking great and the odor awesome this is the way to go.  Cleaning carpets with also make the indoor air quality better as well.  Do you have pets and kids?  This can always make carpets much worse.  The best solution is to always have carpets cleaned by a professional.


If you’d like to read more information check out some sites: Click here

Rugs are another issue.  They need to be cleaned and a lot of people will put them at entry ways to protect carpets from dirt and debris well that means you need to clean that rug occasionally as well.  A lot of people forget about rugs and it’s amazing how new and vibrant they look after a good cleaning.  Here is a Rug Cleaning Blog:

Service Specialists

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When consulting with our pros we will use high quality steam cleaning equipment that is especially powerful for rug cleanings. The steam cleaning equipment we use is able to get right down to the base of the carpet fiber to powerfully clean the carpet fibers and remove the dirt particles or other grime simultaneously. Also check out Steam Cleaning Overland Park. Another benefit to using steam cleaning technology to clean your rug is the fact that your rug will dry in a much faster time than other carpet and rug cleaning methods.

The reason for this is because the steam is so hot and minimal amounts are used. This allows for the stream to quickly evaporate whilst it is drawn up through the steam vacuum at the same time. Whenever you are in need of getting your rugs cleaned thoroughly and want them professionally cleaned, please consult with our rug cleaning services whenever you are in the need. Visit their website for more information:

We are the Carpet Geeks!

Guarantees you give your clients a pro experience and 100% complete client satisfaction.

“It is beneficial to use steam cleaning services when cleaning an area rug because they require a cleaning process that is capable of thoroughly removing hard to get dirt and other stains that could be present. It is important that when your rugs are dirty that you contact a knowledgeable, professional carpet cleaning company that also specializes in rug cleanings. Rugs can often require additional pre-treatment or other specialized care that relates to rugs specifically.”

Carpet Cleaning Blog:

Pristine Carpet Cleaning In Boulder


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